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Finding Local Sex Contacts

Since people are open these days to casual sex and finding partners on a dating site, I wanted to explore the world of adult dating. I asked a few people about their experiences trying to find a local sex contact and if it was as easy as an ad might make it seem. Becoming a member on one of these sites doesn't guarantee you a sex date with local people, but it can be a portal to finding casual relationships.

I first posed the question, Have you had sex with anyone from a site like AFF.com or AshleyMadison?

"After a loveless marriage of 12 years, I moved to New York to start my life as a free man. I wanted to keep things as casual as possible with all the ladies I met, so I became a member of AFF. The women on AFF in New York are great. If you live in a smaller town or suburb in rural America, you might not have as much luck as I have had. I can honestly say that I've successfully hooked up with over 100 women from online adult sex sites." - Steve, NY

What about simply finding local sex contacts at the bar?

"The bar is tough. People come to bars for different reasons. Sometimes girls are celebrating a birthday or a law firm might be celebrating a big win. The problem is that you've got all of these people (and groups) with different intentions. It's hard to decipher between the ones there for sex and those there to simply have a good time." - Tim, NC

What about placing an ad?

"I've tried personal ads and this usually isn't your best bet. An ad is great way to draw attention to marketers trying to earn a buck off of you. I placed an ad on Craigslist Casual Encounters and got a ton of responses. At first I was excited to see my inbox light up, but it didn't take long to realize that these weren't women in my city looking to hookup. These were scammers. Perhaps a classified ad in the newspaper would be better?" - Gerald, KY

So, how do you find a local sex contact?

Here's the thing. You have to start setting up memberships at adult dating sites as well as the "casual" dating site like OKCupid, PlentyofFish, and Match. I call them "casual" because their members seem to be a bit more open to no strings attached dating. Once you've setup profiles everywhere (especially free sites), then it's time to start messaging every girl you find remotely attractive. Meet these girls for lunch dates and stay open to networking. Remember that every ugly girl looking for a relationship has a hot friend ready to hookup. You just need to start creating connections (both male and female) and the sex part will work itself out. It's all a matter of putting the effort in.

Now, don't get discouraged and write off my advice if things don't start happening initially. Just analyze yourself, your profile, and your messages to see what needs to be improved. There are a ton of great resources online about improving every aspect of your online dating profile and methods.

Once you've perfected the online side, you just need to create a formula for the first date. You should do something extremely relaxed and free or inexpensive. Some examples include: a walk in a local park, cup of coffee, or even a meet up for an early evening drink. Once you've gone on a few of these "pre dates," you'll start to feel more comfortable and confident. Before you know it, you'll start getting a date every night and going home to a different girl every night after that date. You just have to stick to the basics and approach your quest for local sex with an analytical mind.

Dating can be as hard as you make it, so don't get attached, follow the formula you create, stick to the basics, and remember there are plenty of fish in the sea. You just need to keep fishing. Good Luck!