Some Girls Are Easy

The Art of Attracting Hookups

Finding Hookups Every Night

Girls are an enigma, or at least it can seem that way. It's easy to sit on the sidelines watching all of your buddies hookup, while you are left in the dust. Dating isn't fun, girls can be annoying and for you sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it... except when you're lonely and looking for sex.

If this sounds like you, then you're not alone. I was just where you are now a few short years ago. I was telling myself that because girls were such a hassle, I should stop trying to find hookups and wait for a nice girl to come along. I felt like there was some divine power in the universe that would naturally lead me to my beauty queen. For 3 years in my 20's I didn't go on a single date or even kiss a girl. I didn't mind being single but I was even more lonely than I realized.

Fast forward a couple years and I spend 4-5 nights per week out at a cocktail lounge or bar. I live a pretty nice Malibu lifestyle with a rolodex of casual female friends that love sex and aren't looking for anything more. It's taken a while to get to this point, but if you follow the steps below, you'll take your less than stellar sex life to a status you never thought possible.

* It's all about the numbers. Stop worrying about rejection and put yourself out there. There will be girls that you fall for that don't like you back and there will be girls you settle on to hookup with, but remember you're setting up a lifestyle that most only dream about. It can be hard to see the forest through the trees at times, but stay the course and you won't be disappointed.

* Put up a profile on every free dating site you can find. Take the viewpoint that you would like to know every single woman in your city, not that you are looking to get laid. You need to adjust and internalize your own feelings on women and they will be drawn to you. Make yourself believe that you are a social butterfly looking to make new connections. If you think that you are a douchebag trying to get laid, that's exactly how you'll present yourself whether that's your intention or not.

* Setup as many day dates as possible. Meeting for drinks and/or dinner is too expensive and doesn't allow for casual conversation. Explain to the girls you meet that you are looking to meet new people and see where it goes. If she is cool with that, then proceed but don't waste your time explaining yourself or having to lie. Put it out there and hope she it ok with it.

Now rinse and repeat. Once you start doing this process consistently, you should be able to create an email template that works so you can mass email girls. 20 emails should equal at least 5 dates, and 2 of those dates should become short term dating prospects. You're house will become a lounge of beautiful women if you can just keep working at it.