Sex Toys

Enhance Your Experience with Dildos

Should Dildos be Necessary?

Constantly guys are feeling insecure about their girls' favorite sex toy. First and foremost, you have to realize that she wants you to be there and you to pleasure her so any feelings of inadequacy are unfounded. That said, you can't do it all and why shouldn't she have the most mind-blowing experience possible? You aren't competing with her vibrator.

The first misconception is that a girl will only need a sex toy if her guy isn't big enough or doesn't last long enough. Vaginas are just as unique as penises. This means that what some girls like isn't true for other girls. Also, one woman's stamina can be completely different than another. I've been with girls that get off in a matter of a few minutes and others that take a lot of time. There have been plenty of times in my youth that I wish I would've had assistance in order to please a woman without exhausting myself.

You need to learn to embrace a girl's sexuality. Sex to a woman is first and foremost, very personal. They want you, not your penis or your body. This is contrary to most guys thinking. Guys want a girl's ass or tits, and her personality is accepted or denied. Realize they don't think like us.

Once you've accepted the differences in the ways the two sexes approach sex, you can start to focus on how you approach the bedroom. If there is nothing to be insecure about, then why not make yourself seem like an enlightened superman than knows how to please a woman? Wouldn't you love it if your lady would offer more on your bedroom menu? A pre-sex blow job? What about another girl giving you oral, while she watches? Or maybe even a sex toy for you? There's this thing called the flesh light that is like a molding of a vagina inside the casing of a flashlight. It's okay on it's own but when you're girl does it, it's amazing.

Overall, the point I'm trying to get across is that you should embrace your sexually enlightened lady and enjoy it. She will tell all of her friends and you'll both be happier in the bedroom. It's a part of opening up for some couples and for others it can turn a whole relationship around. Whether dildos in the bedroom will help you or not, you should at least know whether or not she's ever tried one. If she hasn't, then you might be the one to introduce her to a level of sexual satisfaction she's never reached with anyone else. She will remember that you took her there, not the dildo or vibrator.